Hello. I'm Zia, also known around the internet as spacegothprincess. While I do many a thing on the internet, my main passion is art and illustration, and this is my curated portfolio.

I'm an entirely self taught artist, with a focus on background art and TTRPG monster art, and I'm currently learning how to draw human characters. How did that happen backwards like that? Because at one point someone told me that almost every artist can draw humans and not backgrounds. So I overpracticed backgrounds, and now I'm learning how to draw humans.

I prefer a hybrid style mixing traditional and digital mediums. Most of my workflow involves traditional sketches that become the basis for digital illustrations. Some components, and on occasion for entire pieces, I have found that traditional mediums work the best so I still incorporate them into my art.

I often stream my art on my twitch channel, and a lot of my youtube content is based around my artistic process. If you'd like to hang out with me, come find me on those platforms.

If you want to get in touch either about a commission or just to say hi, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back in a couple days.

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